1. Participation

Any health and non-health professional related to the field of health may participate in the congress.


2. Registration

The registration price is unique and varies according to the date and the country.

The return of the registration carries a penalty of 50% until before 45 days prior to the start of the congress. As of the 45th day, counting the start date of the event, no refund of the amount paid will be made under any supervening condition.

The registration fee will be fully refunded in the first 15 days from the completion of the payment.


3. Send communications

The scientific committee may reject any scientific communication that does not meet the appropriate quality criteria to be published at the congress.

Once a scientific communication is accepted, NO changes can be made to it.

Once the period for sending scientific communications has expired, no scientific communication will be accepted for review.

You will find all the details related to scientific communications defined in the congress regulations.


4. Penalty for non-compliance or falsehood

If your work is detected with a plagiarism percentage greater than 40%, it will be rejected directly. Plagiarism is a legal problem for you and the rest of the authors.

Regarding the contribution of personal data made by both the attendee and/or participant: If the Congress Organizing Committee had reliable knowledge of the falsity of the data provided in the registration process by the attendee and/or participant, it will proceed to the elimination of this and the expulsion of the Congress; that is, they will not have access to it, nor will they be able to obtain any diploma. This measure may be adopted before, during and after the congress. Regardless, it could give rise to legal actions provided for in Spanish law.


5. Assignment of rights

Any author who uses this website to exhibit his works freely and voluntarily assigns the rights to Hipokratic Congress S.L. (hereinafter the editor) the rights of reproduction, transformation, public communication and distribution and sale of the work electronically or in any of the modalities, forms or supports currently legally contemplated. By this assignment, you accept and agree to the following obligations and responsibilities.

You will find all the details related to the transfer of rights defined in the intellectual property of the congress.